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»Founded in 2016 Marwian strives to become a new reliable active substance supplier with its newly developed biocidal active substances and biocidal products thereof.«

Marwian Team Martin Klingler
Martin Klingler
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Marwian Team Friedrich Zimmermann
Friedrich Zimmermann
General Sales
f punkt zimmermann et marwian punkt com +43 (1) 256 2000 / 228
Marwian Team Ieva Strazdauskaite
Ieva Strazdauskaite
Management Assistant
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Marwian Team Marion Pass
Marion Pass
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Marwian Team Dipl. Ing. Sandra Burger
Sandra Burger
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Marwian Team Dr. Esther Knittl
Esther Knittl
Research & Development
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We are a team of enthusiastic young professionals, eager to enter the biocidal market …

  • with competitive products, which are reliable, fulfill industry needs and meet modern standards.
  • in Compliance with modern Biocidal Products Regulation standards, a broad array of biocidal products and their applications.
  • with flexibility. As a small company we benefit from our flexibility and fast paced actions for our customers, regarding product development and assisting in Biocidal Products Regulation questions.
  • with customer services. We offer a close cooperation for companies, who are working with our active substances to guarantee safe and long-lasting marketability of well-defined biocidal products in specific application areas.
Marwian company

Together with our business partners we work on solutions for their applications. Today we produce, develop and market our new active substance and products from our company headquarter in Vienna.